Bunny learns to work

Once upon a time, there was a little bunny who lived in a forest with his mother and father. He had a warm and cozy burrow where he slept every night, and he would wake up every morning to the sounds of the birds chirping and the wind rustling through the leaves.

Every day, his mother and father would leave the burrow early in the morning to go out and gather food for the family. The little bunny would stay at home, watching them as they left and then playing with his toys until it was time for his nap.

As he grew older, he became curious about where his parents went every day, and why they were always coming back with so much food. One day, he asked his mother about it, and she explained to him that they worked hard to gather food so that the family could eat.

The little bunny thought about this for a while, and then he came up with an idea. He would help his parents gather food too!

So the next morning, he woke up even earlier than usual, and he hopped outside the burrow to find his parents. They were surprised to see him, but they were also happy that he wanted to help.

Together, the three of them went out into the forest and began searching for food. The little bunny was so excited, and he worked harder than he ever had before. He learned how to forage for plants and how to dig for roots, and he was amazed by all the delicious things that he discovered.

When the sun started to set, the little bunny's parents were very proud of him. He had gathered so much food that they were able to bring back more than enough for the whole family. And from that day on, the little bunny continued to work hard and help his parents gather food for the family.

He grew bigger and stronger, and he never forgot what he had learned: that working hard can lead to great rewards. And he always remembered that it was his own decision to work hard, and that he had made a choice to help his family.

In the end, the little bunny grew up to be a wise and hardworking adult, and he passed on his values to his own children.